A copy of C.N.I.C

A Ticket of Rs.60 from any Post Office.

Get a Code Book of Traffic Rules & Regulation from Traffic Police Office.

Medical Certificate (by Authorized Medical Practitioner)

Motor Cycle/ Motor Car: 18 Years

LTV (Rikshaw, Taxi, Tractor Commercial): 21 Years

Note: Learner permits are issued on Daily Bases which Validity is of 6 months.

Application Form (A) within FileCover

Original Learner Permit of at least 6 weeks.

Medical Certificate

3 Passport size fresh Photo Graphs (Attested)

An Attested Copy of C.N.I.C.

Paste a Ticket of Mentioned Fee on License Document.

Slip to deposit Rs. 100 in any branch of Habib Bank (Account Number = 01277901547301)(only for Lahore)

Application Form (A) within FileCover

An attested copy of C.N.I.C.

A copy of Valid Driving License

A copy of Pakistani Passport valid

2 attested photo graph (Passport Size)

Rs. 66 Court Fee Ticket.

Note: Applicant will bring his original C.N.I.C, Driving License and Passport with him.

Required Duplicate Application Form within FileCover

An attested copy of C.N.I.C.

2 Attested fresh Photographs (Passport size).

Report from Computer section which expresses the expiry date of license.

FIR (Lost License report) of the Police Station.

Tickets will be pasted according to the schedule.


riving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) Phase-II automates the processes for driving license issuance, renewal and upgrades. These activities are carried out throughout the province of Punjab. This system provides quick processing service to public and up to date statistics to the authorities by using state of the art technology and equipment. The system redefines the issuance process of all types of licenses by using a centralized network.


The customer care standards will be enhanced in such a way that the applicant will only have to visit the licensing testing center and upon passing the test, the applicant will get internationally renowned Secured Card based driving license. In order to have a self-sustainable model to continue giving best service delivery to the general public, revolving fund will be created for inward and outward transactions.


Centralized Issuance and Management of Driving Licenses

Centralized Database of Licensing System of whole Gujranwala

Centralized Driving License Printing Facilit

Delivery of Issued Licenses through courier and basing on that verification of the Applicant can be made easy


Phone Number: +92.42.35777268


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